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Video Photo Cutter

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Video Photo Cutter

Photo Cutter from Video

Video Photo Cutter is the best photo cutter from video at present. It can help you to capture photos from movie as much as you like. What you have to do is to click your mouse as quick as possible.

What is amazing about Video Photo Cutter is that it can not only help you to cut picture from video, it also can help you to merge the pictures you like best into a small video. Does that sound wonderful? Now, experience Video Photo Cutter yourself.

How to capture photo from movie by using Video Photo Cutter


Free download the Video Photo Cutter and install it in your computer.


Click the icon to add a video.


Play it in the preview pane.


When you see the picture you like, click and the picture will be saved in the snapshot folder.


Click behind the snapshot icon, you can snapshot, open snapshot folder and change snapshot folder.



Open the snapshot folder, you can get your favourite pictures in there.

Video Photo Cutter has many other functions, like, extract audio from video, convert from audio to video, adjust the effect of the files, etc.. It is so powerful that it can help you to solve many problems concerning pictures, audio files and video files.

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